About DB Engineers

Our Story

DB Engineers was started in 2010 by British engineer, Darren Bardle. Since then they have acquired a small team of precision, highly-qualified engineers to create a team of quality led experts in fields of engineering, manufacturing and installation. The team have worked on prestigious projects such as the 2017 City of Culture installation, The Blade, and are trusted to create bespoke engineering solutions for Her Majesties Prison Service and many others.

Our Timeline

Our History

  • 01.Jan 2010

    DB Engineers was started by company founder, Darren Bardle

    02.Feb 2010

    A small fencing job that really made a difference when fitted to the local area

    03.Jan 2011

    DB Engineers moved into its permanent residence at Strata House, Hull.

    04.Dec 2011

    Perforated ceiling panels supplied and fitted for a Hull School.

  • 05.Jan 2012

    Stainless and Glass Balustrade and Stair manufactured and fitted for a new Grimsby Primary School

    06.Feb 2012

    Weed Screens for Great Culvert drain in Branshome to stop blockages

    07.Apr 2012

    Plant/Air Conditioning Screening measured, manicured and fitted for a Mallet Lambert Senior School

    08.Jun 2014

    Spiral staircase for a property in Hessle. MADE IN THE WORKSHOP

  • 09.Aug 2014

    Various barriers and enclosures for Hull museums to protect exhibits

    010.Feb 2015

    Giant stair for east Riding College. This had to be made in sections to aid transportation. shop floor

    011.Jun 2015

    A customer’s home in Beverley, DB helped to put together an outside area to meet their specifications

    012.Aug 2015

    A safe walkway made in our workshop and transported to Billingham for fitting

  • 013.Nov 2016

    Work to relocate a statue for Hull City Council in the centre of Hull

    014.Jan 2017

    Brass Rails refurbished for Hull City Hall

    015.Jan 2017

    Our engineers worked with Jerry Greens dog rescue to design a Kennel Hatch. This had to be cost efficient for the charity

    016.Jan 2017

    Fixing the #Blade in position in Hull City Centre for Hull City of Culture 2017

  • 017.Mar 2017

    Removal of the #Blade project

    018.Mar 2017

    CE Steelwork for a new Care Facility in Beverley

    019.Jun 2017

    Storage cupboards for a customer

    020.May 2017

    Anti Climb security added to a local Industrial Estate

Precision British Engineering

The DB Engineering team specialise in combining traditional skills with modern engineering technology to complete projects which meet and exceed customers specific requirements. Our team can complete bespoke works with high-levels of accuracy due to our hand-picked, highly-trained staff of engineers.


We have partners in place to organise the sourcing specialised materials to ensure we can complete any project to a clients requirements. Our expertise and experience eliminates problems and helps to produce a quality product every time.


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